Type NMX
single-stage volute casing pump with magnetic coupling for thermal oil applications
Q max: 1400 m³/h**
H max: 250 m**
operating pressure: 24 bar*
temperature: 450 °C*

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The NMX series are heat transfer pumps of the latest generation for modern thermal oils of all types.

The magnetic drive centrifugal pump reliably exceeds even the highest operating limits of today‘s heat transfer fluids.

Unlike comparable products on the market, the NMX is self-degassing and does not require any external cooling.
This offers a pure „plug and play“ solution that reliably protects against faulty operation
and system downtimes without any additional installation or personnel effort and is particularly efficient and low-maintenance in operation.

The hermetically sealed containment can is located in a separate housing and additionally sealed to the atmosphere with a graphite safety packing.
In the unlikely event of a containment can rupture, the escaping pumped medium is thus reduced to a minimum, protecting people and the environment.

Another unique selling point is the integrated fan flow deflector (ffd), which prevents unwanted temperature buildup on the rolling bearing
and extends the service life and maintenance intervals of the pump.

oil & gas, chemistry, petrochemistry, offshore, industrial heating systems / heat carrier, renewable energy / environmental engineering
Q max: 1400 m³/h**
H max: 250 m**
operating pressure: 24 bar*
temperature: 450 °C*
max rotational speed: 3500 min-1
gasket/mechanical seal: magnetic coupling
installation: horizontal
self-priming: no
bearing: plain bearing
lubrication: oil
materials: spheroidal graphite iron / cast steel, austenitic steel
standards: DIN EN ISO 2858
explosion protection: category 2 / zone 1

* higher pressures and temperatures on request
** depending on size and speed

brochure (de): NMX_de.pdf
brochure (en): NMX_eng.pdf
sectional view (de): NMX_Schnittbild_de.pdf
sectional view (en): NMX_Schnittbild_eng.pdf