Type GMB
Gear pump with permanent magnet coupling in block design
Q max: 32 m³/h**
H max: m
operating pressure: 12 bar*
temperature: 250°C*

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Type GMB is an internal gear pump with magnetic coupling. The pump has only two moving parts, the impeller and the rotor.

The pump is always equipped with an easily adjustable safety valve (bypass). The pump has a permanent magnet coupling, and the containment shell hermetically seals the fluid to the outside. An internal circulation current dissipates the heat generated by the eddy current losses.

The bearing of the pump shaft takes place in plain bearings. The direct mounting of a drive motor eliminates additional bearings and the mechanical coupling.

The position of the nozzle is both angled and opposite possible.

Production of viscous to highly viscous media
Production of toxic, explosive and generally polluting media
Q max: 32 m³/h**
H max: m
operating pressure: 12 bar*
temperature: 250°C*
max rotational speed: 700 min−1
gasket/mechanical seal: mechanical seal
materials: spheroidal graphite iron / cast steel, austenitic steel
explosion protection: category 2 / zone 1

* higher pressures and temperatures on request
** depending on size and speed

brochure (de): GML-GMB.pdf
brochure (en): GML-GMB_eng.pdf


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