Securing sustainable energy supply with Dickow's pumps

"Stadtwerke Waldkraiburg has been working with Dickow as a reliable partner in the field of geothermal district heating for more than 10 years. In the geothermal plant Waldkraiburg, Dickow pumps are used for the supply of geothermal district heating and the injection of the thermal water back into the ground. By using these high-performance pumps, the city of Waldkraiburg is supplied with district heating."

Harald Köber / Stadtwerke Waldkraiburg


Our earth is a hot planet with unimaginable amounts of energy in its interior. 99% of the earth is hotter than 1000°C. In the process, geothermal heat flows steadily toward the earth's surface and constantly heats rock layers and water deposits. Once at the surface, this heat then escapes unused into space. Thus, our planet is an almost inexhaustible, always available and sustainable source of energy, that humans can make use of. But how is it possible for this heat to reach our living room?

Geothermal energy refers to the engineering use of the stored thermal energy in the earth's interior to generate electricity, heating and cooling energy. With the construction of geothermal plants and network pumps located in them, humans have succeeded in transporting the hot thermal water to the earth's surface and transporting its heat to the consumer. An example of this is the city of Waldkraiburg, which has been supplying a large part of its citizens with hot water from the municipal geothermal plant since 2012. The Waldkraiburg geothermal plant consists of three separate water circuits: the geothermal circuit, the network water circuit and the domestic circuit.

In cooperation with Stadtwerke Waldkraiburg, centrifugal pumps from Dickow are used in the former - the geothermal circuit. In the geothermal circuit, the thermal water is transported to the earth's surface by means of a production borehole. It is pumped into a heat exchanger to release its heat to the supply network and circulated. Subsequently, the cooled water, also called condensed water, is returned to the same geothermal field. In this interaction between thermal water pumping, heat release and reinjection, Dickow`s heat exchanger pumps - type NKL (for operating the heat exchanger) as well as its reinjection pumps type HZ (for returning condensed water) - are used. Depending on the desired flow rate, the pumps are available in various designs and can be individually adapted to the desired requirements of the geothermal system.

Dickow Pumpen understands the service on its products by itself. As these make a crucial contribution to the public's supply network, Dickow Pumpen - as part of its 10 commandments of quality management and at the customer's request - carries out preventive maintenance work on the pumps. This involves removing the pumps, re-storing them, sealing them and then reinstalling them. In the following film you will get a short insight.

Since summer 2019, Dickow Pumpen itself has been the first company in its region to be connected to the environmentally friendly geothermal district heating network of Stadtwerke Waldkraiburg. This saves the company around 240 tons of CO₂ emissions per year The new administration building of Dickow Pumpen, for example, which was put into operation in 2020, will be heated exclusively by geothermal district heating. Dickow Pumpen is thus positioning itself - not only at its production site, but also in the pump industry - as a pioneer for a sustainable future.